WhatsApp failing to work for older smartphones

WhatsApp failing to work for older smartphones

WhatsApp failing to work for older smartphones. A few people have been reporting this lately. Unfortunately if you are one of these people I’m afraid it’s bad news. If you want to carry on using the app you might need to update your device or complete change your messaging app.

The developers of WhatsApp have reported that they cut support for outdated smartphones at the end of 2016. The devices which run Android 2.1, 2.2, Windows Phone 7 and iPone 3GS cannot use the app after December 31st 2016.

Being the most popular messaging app for the last seven years they have had to make some serious updates to ensure the app is secure, stable, practical and functional. Unfortunately these updates have may that older smartphones simply are not powerful enough to run the app.

Good news though if you have some older Sport devices which run under Blackberry OS, Blackberry, Nokia S40 and Symbian S60, WhatsApp will continue to provide support for these devices upto June 2016.


No matter which device you do have though I strongly recommend making sure that your device and app is updated to the latest software available. If you cannot update your device anymore I would strongly advise you to upgrade your device to make sure you are secure and safe whilst online and not keep yourself open to unwanted security issues.

Link to Blog Source from WhatsApp – WhatsApp Blog

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