Top 6 Social Media Trends 2017

6 social media trends 2017

2016 was an amazing year for social media. Why not have a look at 6 social media trends 2017 to see what opportunities you could see for your business or brand.

Top 6 Social Media Trends 2017

6. Shopping on Social Media & Instant Purchase.

We have started to see the increase in Social Networks helping brands to sell through the Social profiles easier. Instant purchases are already available on Instagram, but everything is pointing towards faster sales across the board.

6 social media trends 2016 instagram screenshot

57% more customers will buy from you if there see you have a social media presence and are following you. 75% of consumers brought a product because they saw it on social media.

Don’t just think though if you simple post everyday with a product people will buy it. You need to make sure there is an interaction and a Social presence and not just a profile.

Social selling will only grow in the future as online retailers try to make it easier to buy a product and remove the purchasing decisions.

5. Social Media Auto Pilot

I see more and more Brands making the mistake of using automated services to post for them on Social Networks. There come’s a point where every business begins to realise this doesn’t work.

Users of Social Media want interaction not a robot.  Social automation will naturally turn to Social Media Management and businesses will start to wake up and realise their customers want to be able to talk directly to them.

Why not try out these.

  • Don't just be a brand make it personal to each customer
  • Avoid badly timed messages around events in the real world.
  • Listen to your customers and don't just promote. Maybe share theire content.
  • Build better followings that creates a community.

4. Social Tracking

Instagram in 2016 followed Facebook and Twitter and released a tool for Analytics. This means Social media is moving towards helping business know more about how their brand is working on a platform.

Analytics is nothing new to the industry but until now its not been easy to fully see the data from your social media profile’s and who has been checking you out.

KPMG did a survey and found, 95% of C-Level executives use data and analytics already for marketing insights. and a Simply360 report suggested 36% of business use analytics to do more than check out the competition.

As a small business you could use all this data to your advantage and really understand who your customer is and how best to interact with them and improve those interactions to make a better business and a better customer experience.

3. A.I for Facebook and Instagram

Why do people use Snap chat. Well it really comes down to there facial filters (Artificial Intelligence lenses). It’s whats make snap chat unique. However other networks are getting on the band wagon now and introducing there own filters.

6 social media trends 2017 ai filters

In 2016 Facebook has already tested facial filters on the mobile interface, and with the release of Instagram stories you can expect the trend to move across the platforms.

Snap chat although has 150 Million active users they can expect the competion for facial filters to really heat up in 2017 and if they don’t keep up the the 41% of young adults already using it will move to a different platform.

2. Live Video Content

Live content is on the rise and already in 2016 we have seen many brands trying it out. While there are a ton of sites and platforms out there that can do it, Facebook is becoming one of the biggest.

On new years eve Facebook reach an all time record around the globe.

Source – Facebook

Don’t worry though if you prefer Instagram or Twitter they launched their equivalent services in November and December 2016.

Why not think about this for your brand. If you run events why not use it as a tool to stream those events or even as a sneaky peek to the event.

It all helps to build that personal relationship with your brand and make it a nicer experience for the consumer. Think of some Q and A’s you could provide about a product.

Or if your not e-commerce maybe interviews with industry leaders in your sector or, maybe you are the industry leader why not use it as a tool to help others.

1. VR (Virtual Reality) Marketing Experience

Virtual reality is still fairly new but in 2017 it’s going to become one of the hottest things not just for fun stuff like gaming but for Marketing as well.

Whats different to standard Live content like Videos is it brings a totally immersive experience to the consumer and you get to really give them an experience like no other. Brands are quickly realising this and you should to.

For example Lipton Ice Tea is make 360 Videos to advertise on Youtube

This year 75% of all internet traffic will be Video Content so why not try out a few different ideas and don’t over look VR.


If you think your not using Social Media enough or not in the right way try some of these tools and see if it makes a difference. I’d love to know if it does and other ways you might be using networks to build your brand and get noticed. Comment Below.

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