Make internet more secure using Free VPN

VPN Services are a great way to secure you browsing and to make your internet more secure. If you use a Laptop, Smartphone of Tablet in a coffee shop or any public location then follow these simple steps to prevent hackers from snooping in on your internet browsing. 

In this Article I will show you. How to use a VPN. How to choose a VPN, and setup a VPN for private browsing. 

VPN stands for Virtual Private network. They have been around since the days of dial-up internet, and have been used to secure office to office communications for many years. If you are ever accessing private content across a public network (The Internet) then it will most likely been over a VPN. This is not the same as HTTPS though which is used to secure the browser for services like card transactions.

The main use for you to use a VPN is to make your internet more secure when you take your laptop or smartphone away from your home network and out onto a public wifi hotspot. When you access these hotspots they can sometimes be watched by hackers and they can look at the traffic going through the hotspot.

Another plus side to using a VPN is if you want to watch something on BBC iPlayer but your away on holiday, you can use a VPN to make it appear as if you are in the UK as services like iPlayer are blocked outside of the UK.

There are a ton of paid VPN Services out there and sometimes it is worth paying for these subscribes services. Check out this article on paid VPN Services. But some of the best Virtual Private networks are turning out to be free.

I am going to show you how to setup a VPN on your Laptop or desktop using hotspot Shield so you can see the process. There are many other Free VPN Providers out there and almost all of them provide services for Smartphones and Tablets as well.


How to make your internet more secure

Step 1.

Go to and you will see on the homepage screen two options. If you don’t mind seeing a few adverts and for the purpose of this tutorial go ahead a click the Free Download Button.

make your internet more secure martinetoye

Step 2.

Once the program has downloaded go to your downloads folder or to where ever you selected to save the file. Go ahead and click to start the program.

make you internet more secure hotspot shield program open screen martinetoye

Step 3.

Once you have gone through the installation process go ahead and open up the program. Once the program is open you will see in the top left of the screen a menu icon. Click this and then click into settings and you will see a screen that looks like this.

make your internet more secure martinetoye hotsport sheild settings page

Once on this page I would make sure all the settings are deactivated as I would recommend you only start Hotspot Shield when you need to.

Step 4.

Once you have finished setting up Hotspot Shield it is really easy to start the VPN and make your internet more secure. Go back to the home screen and you will see something that looks like this.

make your internet more secure martinetoye hotspot shield home screen

Go ahead and hit the red switch next to the Disconnect word. And that’s it your connected to a VPN and browsing privately. If you sign up to the elite service you get the choice of location. Unfortunately its unavailable for the free service but at least you know your secure.

Home Wifi

If you dont take you laptop away from home but want to find out if your wifi is secure at home then check out this great article by Bradley Mitchell on lifewire

If you have any thoughts or want to share ideas of how you secure your internet when out and about comment below. 


Is your Android phone safe?


Unlike Apple iOS, Android is and Open platform. This poses the question, are Android phones safe?

It’s a known fact Android plays host to more malware than iOS and the main reason for that is due to it’s open ecosystem.

The good thing is Google engineers work day and night to spot and prevent malware from getting to your phone.

Are article by Digital Trends outlines how this is done direct from Google.

How are Android phones safe?

Google state that every App put onto the  play store is scanned and checked for Malware and known exploits. The trouble is they are only able to check for known issues so some apps could still get through.

To try and quickly prevent these apps that get through from spreading Google check every app after it is downloaded to your phone. By using the data that is transmitted between your phone and Google servers, engineers can see if apps start playing with things there shouldn’t.

It’s not the only way Google tries to catch malware but it is the most effective way. They even announced they caught 25,000 Apps using this method. Those families of Malware included Hummingbird, Ghost Push and Gooligan. Hummingbird you might remember infected 10 million devices but if Google wasn’t checking that could have been far worse.

Google obviously employee many way to stop malware getting to your device and the Play store is pretty safe but you should stay vigilant as it’s not perfect.

6 social media trends 2017

Top 6 Social Media Trends 2017

6 social media trends 2017

2016 was an amazing year for social media. Why not have a look at 6 social media trends 2017 to see what opportunities you could see for your business or brand.

Top 6 Social Media Trends 2017

6. Shopping on Social Media & Instant Purchase.

We have started to see the increase in Social Networks helping brands to sell through the Social profiles easier. Instant purchases are already available on Instagram, but everything is pointing towards faster sales across the board.

6 social media trends 2016 instagram screenshot

57% more customers will buy from you if there see you have a social media presence and are following you. 75% of consumers brought a product because they saw it on social media.

Don’t just think though if you simple post everyday with a product people will buy it. You need to make sure there is an interaction and a Social presence and not just a profile.

Social selling will only grow in the future as online retailers try to make it easier to buy a product and remove the purchasing decisions.

5. Social Media Auto Pilot

I see more and more Brands making the mistake of using automated services to post for them on Social Networks. There come’s a point where every business begins to realise this doesn’t work.

Users of Social Media want interaction not a robot.  Social automation will naturally turn to Social Media Management and businesses will start to wake up and realise their customers want to be able to talk directly to them.

Why not try out these.

  • Don't just be a brand make it personal to each customer
  • Avoid badly timed messages around events in the real world.
  • Listen to your customers and don't just promote. Maybe share theire content.
  • Build better followings that creates a community.

4. Social Tracking

Instagram in 2016 followed Facebook and Twitter and released a tool for Analytics. This means Social media is moving towards helping business know more about how their brand is working on a platform.

Analytics is nothing new to the industry but until now its not been easy to fully see the data from your social media profile’s and who has been checking you out.

KPMG did a survey and found, 95% of C-Level executives use data and analytics already for marketing insights. and a Simply360 report suggested 36% of business use analytics to do more than check out the competition.

As a small business you could use all this data to your advantage and really understand who your customer is and how best to interact with them and improve those interactions to make a better business and a better customer experience.

3. A.I for Facebook and Instagram

Why do people use Snap chat. Well it really comes down to there facial filters (Artificial Intelligence lenses). It’s whats make snap chat unique. However other networks are getting on the band wagon now and introducing there own filters.

6 social media trends 2017 ai filters

In 2016 Facebook has already tested facial filters on the mobile interface, and with the release of Instagram stories you can expect the trend to move across the platforms.

Snap chat although has 150 Million active users they can expect the competion for facial filters to really heat up in 2017 and if they don’t keep up the the 41% of young adults already using it will move to a different platform.

2. Live Video Content

Live content is on the rise and already in 2016 we have seen many brands trying it out. While there are a ton of sites and platforms out there that can do it, Facebook is becoming one of the biggest.

On new years eve Facebook reach an all time record around the globe.

Source – Facebook

Don’t worry though if you prefer Instagram or Twitter they launched their equivalent services in November and December 2016.

Why not think about this for your brand. If you run events why not use it as a tool to stream those events or even as a sneaky peek to the event.

It all helps to build that personal relationship with your brand and make it a nicer experience for the consumer. Think of some Q and A’s you could provide about a product.

Or if your not e-commerce maybe interviews with industry leaders in your sector or, maybe you are the industry leader why not use it as a tool to help others.

1. VR (Virtual Reality) Marketing Experience

Virtual reality is still fairly new but in 2017 it’s going to become one of the hottest things not just for fun stuff like gaming but for Marketing as well.

Whats different to standard Live content like Videos is it brings a totally immersive experience to the consumer and you get to really give them an experience like no other. Brands are quickly realising this and you should to.

For example Lipton Ice Tea is make 360 Videos to advertise on Youtube

This year 75% of all internet traffic will be Video Content so why not try out a few different ideas and don’t over look VR.


If you think your not using Social Media enough or not in the right way try some of these tools and see if it makes a difference. I’d love to know if it does and other ways you might be using networks to build your brand and get noticed. Comment Below.

WhatsApp failing to work for older smartphones

WhatsApp failing to work for older smartphones

WhatsApp failing to work for older smartphones

WhatsApp failing to work for older smartphones. A few people have been reporting this lately. Unfortunately if you are one of these people I’m afraid it’s bad news. If you want to carry on using the app you might need to update your device or complete change your messaging app.

The developers of WhatsApp have reported that they cut support for outdated smartphones at the end of 2016. The devices which run Android 2.1, 2.2, Windows Phone 7 and iPone 3GS cannot use the app after December 31st 2016.

Being the most popular messaging app for the last seven years they have had to make some serious updates to ensure the app is secure, stable, practical and functional. Unfortunately these updates have may that older smartphones simply are not powerful enough to run the app.

Good news though if you have some older Sport devices which run under Blackberry OS, Blackberry, Nokia S40 and Symbian S60, WhatsApp will continue to provide support for these devices upto June 2016.


No matter which device you do have though I strongly recommend making sure that your device and app is updated to the latest software available. If you cannot update your device anymore I would strongly advise you to upgrade your device to make sure you are secure and safe whilst online and not keep yourself open to unwanted security issues.

Link to Blog Source from WhatsApp – WhatsApp Blog

social media and your data

Social Media and your data

Everyday we sign up to new websites and give them our information. Most of the time we forget who we gave data to. I always try to track who I give my details to but this doesn’t always work.

The biggest places we give out data to is social media sites. They store a vast amount of data on us.

Lets take a look at how we get to it:

social media and your data
facbook and your social media data

How to download your Facebook Social Media Data

You can download you information from your settings page on Facebook. To download you information take the following steps.

Step 1 –

Look at the blue bar at the top of the web browser. You will see on the far right a little dark blue arrow pointing down. Click it and when the menu appears select Settings.

Step 2 –

On the General Account settings screen you will see a table with you information. At the bottom of this table you will see Download a copy of your Facebook Data

Step 3 – 

Clicking that link will take you to the Archive page. Click Start My archive. You will be prompted to enter your password for Security reasons.

Once you have enter your password it will display a confirmation and will show an email address that will receive an email once you data is ready to download.

twitter social media and your data

How to download your Twitter Social Media Data

Step 1 –

Go to your account settings. You can do this by clicking your profile icon at the top right of the page and then from the drop-down menu selecting Settings.

Step 3 –

Once the main Account setting page scroll down and you will see and button that says Request your archive. Click this button and a confirmation box will appear that says an email will be sent once the archive is ready.

Step 4 –

Once you receive this email from twitter click the link in the email to download your information. You will be asked to Login to your twitter account associated with the data. Once logged in this will show a .zip file which you can download to your computer.

Step 5 –

Once downloaded unzip the file and click index.html to view your archive.

instagram social media and your data

How to download your Twitter Social Media Data

Instagram currently doesn’t provide a way in which you can archive and download your information. Luckily there is a service called Instaport by that can help.

If you visit Instaport and enter your Instagram name into the box it will take you to a page that lists all your posts. From here you can either select the posts you want to download or hit the Download All Posts button.  Depending on how many posts you have this can take sometime.

The only downside to all of this though is this only downloads your photos not the written text you had on the post. There currently isn’t a way to do this.

google plus and your social media data

How to download your Google Plus Social Media Data

Like Facebook and Instagram, Google Plus makes it really easy to download your information using a tool called Takeout. Get your information using Takeout using these simple steps.

Step 1 –

Head over to the google too Takeout. If you are not logged in to your Google account you will have to login. Once logged in you will see a screen that lists all the google products.

Step 2 –

Select the products you would like to create an archive for. For the Purpose of this guide and to make life easy just keep all boxes selected.

Step 3 –

Once you have selected the Data to archive scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue Next button.

Step 4 –

You will now see options to customize the archive. For ease of being able to view the archive once downloaded use the following settings

  • File type – .zip
  • Archive Size – 4GB (Reduce to 2GB if you have a slower internet connection).
  • Delivery Method – Send download link via email.


Once you have selected your options click the Create Archive button at the bottom of the screen. If you selected Send download link via email you will receive an email once it is ready to download. This can take while depending on how much data Google holds.

Important Note

You must remember that once you have downloaded your data to your own computer that you need to make sure you keep it safe so that not everyone can just access your archives.