Is your Android phone safe?


Unlike Apple iOS, Android is and Open platform. This poses the question, are Android phones safe?

It’s a known fact Android plays host to more malware than iOS and the main reason for that is due to it’s open ecosystem.

The good thing is Google engineers work day and night to spot and prevent malware from getting to your phone.

Are article by Digital Trends outlines how this is done direct from Google.

How are Android phones safe?

Google state that every App put onto the  play store is scanned and checked for Malware and known exploits. The trouble is they are only able to check for known issues so some apps could still get through.

To try and quickly prevent these apps that get through from spreading Google check every app after it is downloaded to your phone. By using the data that is transmitted between your phone and Google servers, engineers can see if apps start playing with things there shouldn’t.

It’s not the only way Google tries to catch malware but it is the most effective way. They even announced they caught 25,000 Apps using this method. Those families of Malware included Hummingbird, Ghost Push and Gooligan. Hummingbird you might remember infected 10 million devices but if Google wasn’t checking that could have been far worse.

Google obviously employee many way to stop malware getting to your device and the Play store is pretty safe but you should stay vigilant as it’s not perfect.


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